Umpteen questions from Edgar Wille

26 03 2010

Hallo fellow searchers.

May I offer some questions to start a debate?

Are politicians and others right in assuming that things will ever get back to what we call the normal way of doing business? Have we got to think seriously about changing the way we do business if we want to survive and even prosper?

Can we go on with business as usual?

while climate change affects everything in life, (the argument is about whether it will be just serious or disastrous)?

while earth’s resources become less freely available, because we go on using them quicker than they can renew themselves?

while energy prices rocket and food prices too?

while world poverty and related unrest gets worse?

while everyone tries to maximise short term profit without concern for the societal effects?

while we concentrate on providing solutions to yesterday’s problems?

Haven’t all businesses got to reappraise everything they do if they want to stay alive and increase the prosperity of their customers in innovative and satisfying ways? If we can’t approach the questions altruistically, should we recognise that at least our self interest is involved?

How can Ashridge help?

Look at my blog “Edgar Wille on Tomorrow’s World” for a book review with some possible answers.




2 responses

30 03 2010
Peter Houwen

Where can I find the blog “Edgar Wille on Tomorrow’s World”?

30 03 2010
Ashridge Administrator

You can find the Edgar Wille blog here:


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