1010 Campaign Admits Bomb Maker

5 12 2009

Apparently the 1010 climate change campaign has caused controversy by allowing a missile maker to join ….

I don’t mind much…. But it does reminds me of “Analyse This” in which Billy Crystal is a therapist called in to treat mob boss Robert de Niro …. Crystal asks, “so what’s the outcome from these sessions? That you end up being a happy well adjusted gangster?” ….

Personally I can see why 10:10 can sign up the missile maker and not the airport – that makes sense within their measurement system ….

But this just reminds us of the dangers of target setting and the problem of focusing on false proxies … We measure what we can measure whether it matters or not… And when we set measures to focus on, we know that we then fail to spot gorillas.   Let’s not forget that CO2 is a symptom …. and all of the work around climate (important though it is) is about symptom fixing ….

We have the “us and them / binary / axis of evil” mentality in which we believe that bombs can “work” in addressing world issues. With this mental map we won’t have a chance of addressing the fragmentation at the root of the split between humanity and the rest of the natural world …. 

So ultimately I don’t care much who 10:10 lets in or keeps out.

I do care that we don’t end up fantasising we can continue to operate an insane “take,make, trash” system so long as we control carbon

We can’t, we haven’t got enough planet to do it on. 

All that will lead to is killing ourselves and lots of our fellow “other than human” co-dwellers, in a frenzy to control the very last drops and grains of earth “resources”  …. all using carbon free bombs of course….

Chris Nichols

December 2009




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