Intelligent growth in a finite world

18 03 2009

Over the coming weeks we will be offering you perspectives on some of the most profound sustainability challenges facing us all in our professional lives and as citizens.

We begin here by exploring the principles and informing ideas behind intelligent growth with similarly thoughtful pieces on happiness and well-being, and ecological mindset in the next two issues. A series of more pragmatic, “change in action” perspectives will follow – but in our experience, effective change rests on carefully considered principle.

So we start with Anthony Kasozi, a Business Director at Ashridge Consulting, who questions narrow definitions of business growth: “In corporate and economic management circles ‘growth’ has become something of an unchallenged mantra. Business growth is presented as the weighty, unexplained and unqualified expectation that it is always good and always necessary.”

He proposes a wider, more useful concept: “acceptance of limitation, utility or caution, far from being evidence of lack of imagination, can be the basis of better business insight as well as courageous, valuable innovation” – which Anthony suggests is better described as ‘Intelligent Growth’. Read his thought-provoking new article here.

You can also watch a video of Anthony introducing the idea of intelligent growth to an audience of business leaders with a response by Karin Laljani, Senior Vice President, Market Strategy and Sustainability at InterfaceFLOR, and Kai Peters, CEO of Ashridge.




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